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Understand User Behavior

Watch all your visitors' movements and learn how they behave in your website. You can track mouse movement, mouse clicks, form inputs and follow visitors path step-by-step. With this data in hand you can identify possible UX flaws and focus on fixing exactly where your visitors are struggling

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Recordings screen
Identity screen

User Identity & Custom Attributes

Apply custom attributes to your visitors and get group insights. You can enter information such as: name, email, telephone and any other visitor-related data that might be relevant to you.

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Protect Your Users' Privacy

Keep your visitors privacy by choosing sensitive fields to censor. You can establish privacy rules to safeguard your client's security by censoring passwords, bank details, certain personal documents, and sensitive information.

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Privacy screen
History screen

User History

You can track all previous sessions from a specific visitor. This helps you add context to the visitor journey and better recognize usability problems that might be found along the way.

More Features

An insightful way to build better websites, faster.
Sessiontab can be integrated with today's most popular platforms. The setup is simple and in a few minutes you will be watching everything your visitors do on your website.
You and your team can add feedback to specific sections in a visitor's recording, so that it can be reviwed and discussed later.
Single page apps
Our tracking code was designed to be compatible with most modern web frameworks and to work seamlessly with other analytics tools.
User tagging
Get richer details about your visitors through our simple javascript API, which allows you to add "tags" to your visitors, so they can be identified, grouped and filtered.
Session filtering
Quickly find the sessions you need by using our detailed, but simple search filters. You can search for visitors with specific browser attributes or tags (e.g. id, email, user group, visited specific page).
Team support
You can add unlimited team members to your project to work along with you, sharing comments, reviewing user sessions and getting thoughts on user behavior.
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