Legal information

Generally, there is no legal restriction that prevents recording users actions in a particular website. Nevertheless, for security reasons, Sessiontab proposes that a preliminary consultation be made to the local laws, considering that each country can have its own regulations about this subject.

The service model offered by us is also offered by other companies such as Google Analytics. For this reason, it is understood that what is being proposed is legitimate and fully lawful.

Privacy and Security

By subscribing to a plan and installing it to your website, you'll have access to recordings of your visitors sessions. This may also involve the collection of personal data.

Sessiontab lets you specify fields to censor and maintain the privacy of your users by hiding passwords, bank details, personal documents and other sensitive information that should be censored.

If you are collecting personal data and not censoring it, you will probably need to inform your users to comply with the local regulations. If you need to inform your users about the collection of personal data, you may enter the given information in your Privacy Policy: "Personal data may be collected by us or through software from partner companies, such as Sessiontab."